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Optimum Fitness Pro is a professional Unisex Gym and fitness center with facilities for Body Building, Professional fitness, Weight Gain/Loss etc. Optimum Fitness Pro is not just a GYM. We're a family of like-minded and high-spirited people. We come together daily to inspire, challenge, and motivate each other to do more... To become more! To max out each day and achieve the results previously deemed impossible! A space that meets and exceeds your fitness needs.

Our Gym classes have provided an inspiring welcoming for everybody! That makes every attendee feel like they are a part of one big community!

Our gym is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy sports, bodybuilding, and fitness. With us you can reach your top physical condition!

The facilities in our gym are well equipped to ensure that you have all you need for your workout.

Push your fitness further with our mix of facilities and we'll support you with advice on new and better ways to train.

Optimum Fitness Pro

Your Health is our Priority

Your health and wellbeing is our highest priority. As a result, we’ve made adjustments so we can all continue making Optimum Fitness Pro Gym Safe and Healthy place for you.​

Our Personal Trainers ensure you perform exercises safely while giving you the best results. No matter what your fitness needs one of our friendly Personal Trainers will keep you challenged and motivated.

Our Trainners are responsible for your growth. They work for result, in order to assist you and to make YOU stronger.

we make sure that all our members get the best restrooms and shower facilities.

Our facility offers a lot of advantages for your CrossFit and fitness practice.

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Work with us

We want to help our members go further, so if you have any suggestions about our clubs, classes, personal training sessions or anything else

Please come in and talk to one of our team member or if you prefer, drop us a note via our online enquiry forms.

We are an ambitious company and we’re always looking for great people to join our team – from personal trainers, group exercise instructors and club managers to our front-of-house teams. We’re committed to training, so you’ll be encouraged to improve your existing skills while you develop new ones.

Find out more about becoming part of the Optimum Fitness Pro Gym Team.

Why choose us

We offer the best equipment, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a welcoming environment.

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